Traverse City North Stars!!!!!

Friday Night the Templetons Invited me to join them for a Hockey Game.
We had a lot of fun!
Hannah and I with our Hats.
We switched hats for the picture.
We got A LOT of compliments on them "Nice Hats!"!
But we got a lot of "You must be totaly insane to be wearing those in Public!!" Looks!

Some of the Crew.
Mike and Nina went too. (Sam is in the Background)Before the Game started.
Coming out of the Locker.
And the Last guy to come out.One of The Ice Bandits being slamed into the wall! MUHAHAHA!!!

My Favorite Goalie!
He blocked 2 shots with just his stick being in mid air with the puck flying at the goal!

2 of the 3 Referees.
Zambooies!!!!End Game. TC Lost 1 to 4, But they still played a GREAT game!!

Afterwards one of the TC Coaches went up behind us and Said that we were the Loudest People there and that we get to skate with the Team After the game.
The Team paid for the rental of the skates so we got to skate on Center Ice with the TC North Stars!!
I got Autographs and One of the Team Players gave me a Book that they could get for free and for us it would have been 3 bucks.
Here are some Pix of Us Skating.

They aren't Very good cause the Flash was glaring off the Wall.Some Other people got to get on too but none were as loud as our Cheering for TC!


How is this possible??

Is is Real or is it Fake??


If you were a Sports Car... What would you be??

Take This To find out.
It is quick, but fun to do.
Please comment on what you are.


My Favorite Picture in the whole wide world!!


The Liberty Bell

Around the congress with closed door
Thousands of anxious people pour
To wait till all suspense be o'er.

And still above the bellman waits
The slow decision of the fates,
While fears depress and hope elates.

"Passed, it has passed," at length they cry,
Ten thousand glad mouths make reply,
And send the echoes to the sky.

"Ring! ring!" exclaims the watching boy;
The bell responds with notes of joy.
Freedom's proclaim its sweet employ.

Loud and more loud the proud notes swell,
The people's shouts responding well,
All o'er the land the glad news tell.

From sea to sea, from pole to pole,
The echoes of that bell shall roll,
Till freedom comes to every soul.



Freedom is not the Power to do what you Want,...
It is the Liberty to do what you Ought.