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OK. First of all i would like to thank Rhonda for the Idea: "Thank you Rhonda!!" :)
Here goes.

1. What is my Full name??
2. How many Siblings do i have??
3. How old am I??
4. What color are my Eyes??
5. How many times have i Moved??
6. How many States have i lived in??
7. Which States besides Hawaii and Alaska, have i not been to??
8. What is my Favorite Movie??
9. How many Nieces and Nephews do i have??
10. What color are my Bedroom walls??
11. What year will i Graduate??
12. How tall am I??
13. What instruments do i Play??
14. What is my Favorite School Subject??
15. What is my Favorite thing to do to Pass the Time??

Ok, that is enough for now...
Lets see how you all do. :D


September 11th 2001

It has been 7 years today that a lot of Tragedies happened...

The Twin Towers were destroyed, and a lot of people died.

2,740 to be Exact.

But that doesn't mean that we have to forget about the one tragedy.
His life meant a lot to everyone he met. But now...
Jeremy Townsend is Rejoicing in the Arms of Jesus.


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