A Busy 2 weeks!

Hey Everyone! It has been a busy 2 weeks for me as some of you know so please pardon my not posting.
On the 13th we went down to Indiana to see my sister and her family and stayed there till Saturday.
We went Shopping and went to a baseball game, and we went to the Cosby's for dinner one night.
We got back on Saturday afternoon at 5:30pm and unloaded the car and stuff like that.
Sunday was Church and i stayed after my parents had left to play VollyBall and was getting a ride with someone else.
And Monday i had to do laundry so i could get packed again so i could help out my (sick with morning sickness) sister-in-law, My brother and the Kiddos.
And Tuesday i left again.
And now i have just gotten back and hopefully i will be staying home for at least 2 weeks, as i am not feeling the greatest at the time...
And i need to get my Bearings as they used to be so i can think.
That is all for now.



Hey you readers of this Blog. I will not be able to update for a little while because i and going down to IND to see my sister Michelle. I might be able to post something while i am down there but i doubt it. I will be gone till Saturday night so i will Post to you all Later!! :)