I did my Reserch Lydia....

1. We protest the tyranny of the 1954 "Black-Monday" edict, which forced minorities
into schools. We vow to take our schools back.

2. We protest the infamy of the 1962 Invasion of Mississippi, which forced bayonets
over ballots. We vow to take our democracy back.

3. We protest the usurpation of the 1964 "Civil-Rights" Bill, which forced minorities
into the workplace. We vow to take our workplaces back.

4. We protest the despotism of the 1965 "Voting-Rights" Act, which forced minorities
into offices. We vow to take our offices back.

5. We protest the brutality of the 1967 "Forced-Housing" Act, which forced minorities
into neighborhoods. We vow to take our neighborhoods back.

6. We protest the disgrace of the 1997 "Ole-Miss Rebel-Flag Ban," which forced the
"Black Caucus" over students. We vow to take the Chancellor's office back.

7. We protest the abomination of the 1999 "Jackson-City-Council Flag Banishment,"
which forced "New-African" over American colors. We vow to take our capital back.

8. We protest the intrustion by the 2000 "Nissan Ban-the-Flag Ultimatum," which
forced foreign occupation of our soil. We vow to take every inch of our turf back.

9. We salute the defiance of the 2001 "Save-the-Flag" uprising, which forced the
majority over the minorities. We vow to defend and advance our rights.

10. We honor the life of Governor Lester Maddox, in behalf of private property and freedom. We vow to restore the Confederate flag in the Georgia flag as a Maddox Memorial.


liberty said...

Who! Stop! Wait a minute here!!!

How can you base your stance on events that happened starting in 1954? (after the War on NA!)

Let me ask this question. Think of yourself living in 1860 or 1861; looking at history, the events surrounding you, personal convictions, etc. why THEN would you side with the Confederacy, or would you at all?

This is not meant in any way to intimidate you, I just like to know why people believe what they believe, and (thanks to debate :)) I like to see good evidence that supports your position, presented!

Amber said...


Amber said...

You are a history freak!
I AINT gonna give you the reasons you want to hear if it means more reserch!
And yes i know i'm Lazy

Amber said...

I cant remember all the Dates so you will have to exuse me on my history.
I get poor grades when it comes to that.

Amber said...

PS... And spelling as well.

Amber said...

BTW... What are your Reasons?....

Rhonda said...

Mary Beth,
I don't mean to argue, but I did want to make a comment. Something that was stressed very much when we went to the Celebration of the Quadricentennial of Jamestown (and I have been taught all my life I just understand it better now) Is that we were not a democracy (majority rule) in the beginning. Our country was founded as a republic (governed by law). So it is not our democracy we want to take back.

Anonymous said...

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