The new blog!!

Hey everyone, I have gotten the blog up, and have posted a couple times. Still have not spent all the time putting everything I want on it, but I will get there. Enjoy!!


News... a POST!!

Hi everyone, sorry I have not posted in forever. I kind of forgot about this blog totally. :) I remembered it however, when i finally checked my email for the first time in months!! Just to let you know, I will not be continuing on this blog, but moving to a different one. As many of you know, I already have another blog called " God Only Knows " and will be doing my best to keep up on that one as well now. The new blog will soon be 'under construction' for a little while until i get everything the way i want it and a few things to post about. I hope this blog has been a blessing to you in spite of my forgetfulness. =] Talk to y'all soon!!



Good song!!