Just sayin' Hello

Hiya People!! it is nice to get on and post.
Well, we made it to PA safely!!
We left at 6:40 am and went to the car rental place, and the car BARELY made it there.
It does not go in to 3rd gear now, and it is pushing second.
So we finally got to the car rental place and got a nice van, and we left Mesick at 9:30
We made it here safe Tuesday night at 7:30.
Last night we had Church, and Mrs. Marshall made WONDERFUL Apple Cobbler!!
And then after we got back to Rosie's, Kyle Hoover, Mom and I got out our Guitars and played songs till 10:30.
And this morning, Mom had to pretty much drag me out of bed... It was sooooo comfy!!! And soooooo soft!!! And soooooo Warm!!! (sort of)
It is in the 60's over here, and at night, it gets in the 40's.
Well, it is time to sign off now... we are getting ready to eat luch now.
Sorry, people who have been expecting me on.... But the computer that does not have Dial-up, is not at the house that we are staying at.... so i will be on randomly.
I Hope to see you all soon!!
Love you all!!


Rhonda said...

Glad to hear you made it safely. I am sure you enjoyed playing with Kyle. Isn't he SO good?? I love to hear him.

Gabrielle said...

I miss you!!!!!!!

Bethany said...

Glad that you made the trip safely!I miss you!

Stephanie Cosby said...

You've been tagged! :D