Hey everyone!! Sorry i haven't posted in a while... But now i am going to tell you a story!! :)

Yesterday was Thursday. (DUH!!)
I went with Anna to TC at about 1:30 and we went shopping, and we went to the Mall.
After that, we went to Goodwill, and after that we went to eat.... CHINESE FOOD!! :) (My favorite!!)
And then we went on to Church. Well, we were the first ones to get there!! And it was cold outside. So we got into the old Church Building and i turned the heat on. Well, the furnace never works for me, so it just blew out cold air.
We watched a Movie for Church, because Pastor wasn't here. It was VERY good!! It is called "Return of the Daughters". I am reading the book which has a different name "So Much More".
After that, Jaina came and wanted me to play the piano for her. I told her that i would as soon as people moved to the other building so that i didn't have so much of an audience. Then Bethany Millen came up to me and wanted my help with the Violin. So i helped her with that. And after i helped her, almost everybody was gone, so i called Jaina and played the Piano for her. And then Marty comes in and askes to talk to me. (ODD!! Marty never does that!!) So i get up and he starts walking away.( He always talkes to me where i am!!) So i tell him:
"Marty, you are being suspicious.... What do you want to talk to me about??"
Marty replys: "It's about Saturday"
Well that was normal at least. Saturday i wanted to have Mike and Becky and the Kids and Marty and Rachel over for dinner. So i follow him to the other building. And as soon as i walk in the door, everybody starts singing Happy Birthday to me. I was So Shocked!! I had never had a suprize Birthday Party before in my life!!
Anna and Hannah T had aranged the whole thing and made the cake. (Thank you Anna and Hannah!!) My Friends were there, except Bethany and Lydia, my Family, (Part of them) i was totaly blessed!! All of everyone was singing Happy Birthday to me, Except Ken Templeton.......He was singing his own version...
"Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday dear BUZZARD!! Happy Birthday to you!!"
Well, that is my Story. Hope you enjoyed it!!


Anna Joy said...

I enjoyed it! lol. I was so nervous the whole time we were in tc that I would accidentally say something about it! :D Hey you forgot the part about catching me red handed. :)

Bethany said...

I hope you enjoyed it!I did!It's a good thing that you didn't blow it Anna! JK!Btw...what was the part about MaryBeth catching you red-handed?Huh???

Bethany said...
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Amber said...

Anna's Hands were red from the food coloring... LOL!! :)

Michelle said...

I Love you EM
Happy Birthday.

BSBT said...

Happy Birthday! sorry we missed your party. =[
Oh well, sounds like you enjoyed it anyway. :)