My Story

Hey everybody!! Sorry, it has been a while since i have posted, but once again i have been quite busy.
Well, for the First time, i will be telling you my story of what has been going on in my life these past few months, and years. Here goes.

I got saved when i was seven years old on Feb. 3rd 1999, and Baptized in March or April. (i don't quite remember which month it was.) And i had no doubt at all that i was saved until these last few months. I was doubting, because i did not know if i knew what i was doing, because i was 7 years old. So on Nov. 9th of this year, i asked him to save me again if i wasn't already. But i was still in doubt of whether i knew WHY i was getting saved. I knew that i was saved, i just didn't know why i accepted Christ as my Savior. Pastor Townsends message today lifted a fog in front of my face. His message was on Pilate's decision on whether or not to crucify Christ, or to release Him. And he had us do the same things as the Jews, which was shout "Crucify Him" 3 times. That cut deep. Finally i realized that that is why i accepted Christ. It was really me shouting those words "Crucify Him! Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" And i knew that i couldn't live with that knowing that i shouted those words and i didn't ask him to forgive me for that.

Well, that is my Story. I hope it was a blessing to someone.


Rhonda said...

Wow, MaryBeth. I bet that was a powerful sermon! I am glad to hear your "story".

spyder-slayer™ said...

My congrats!!! Glad to hear it also.

Anonymous said...

God bless ya friend!-Billy