Hey all!! Sorry it has been a while since i have posted, but this post will hopefully make up for that.
I had a wonderful thanksgiving. It started out on Sunday, when Michelle and Dale and Heather came up here and was staying at Marty and Rachel's. Monday they came over for dinner, and we had Beef and Pork roast, with Mashed potatoes and Gravy, and Beets, Green beans, and my not so favorite stuffing. It was all wonderful!! (except the stuffing) And the next day was Tuesday, which was also wonderful, because i got a day off. (YAY!! :)
Wednesday, we went down to Mike and Becky's (4 people squished in a truck), and later, Marty and Rachel, Michelle and Dale and Heather came and we had a lunch of 2 Turkeys, (one roasted, one fried in turkey fryer) more of my not so favorite stuffing, Rolls, green bean cassirole, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and Pies for desert. And there were little things too that were awesome. Crackers and Cream Cheese spread, and Beef roast on top, Pickle wraps, Peanut butter balls, (YUM!!) and Double stuffed mint oreos dipped in Chocolate.
After supper and Marty, Rachel, Michelle and Dale left, the Kids put on a puppet show for everyone. It was sooo cute!! They even made tickets for us. They put a sheet inbetween 2 chairs, (which kept sliding down... but i think it was more the fact that Seth wanted to see so he kept going up there and looking over it.) they had Chairs set up for us, and Blankets on the floor, so if we were cold, we could put the blankets on. Well, the show was over so we all went to bed (We stayed the night there). In the morning, the Girls decided that they were going to try and wake me up. (BAD IDEA!! NEVER WAKE ME UP!! :) They started messing around with my hair, touching my nose, trying to tickle my feet, etc. Anything that they could do to try and wake me up they did. So since they could not get me up, Dad decided he would help them. (ANOTHER BAD IDEA!!) He shook me awake, and i imediately fell asleep again. So he took me by the feet and dragged me off the couch. (WAY WORSE IDEA!!) :D So i fell asleep on the floor. lol. anyways... I finaly got up... (i am not telling you what time.) And we started re-aranging the house for Becky. We had to switch the Office with the Boy's room and vise versa. so there would be more room for Baby in Mike and Becky's room, we moved Becky's office to the old boy's room. During all of this, Michelle and Dale showed up to say goodbye as they were on their way back home. And when we finaly got that all done... (5:30) we had supper. And yes we did have lunch. Mom and i went shopping and took Becky and the Girls with us, and we had fun there. And then we dropped Becky, Anna, and Lydia off at their house, and we got the guys and went home. (once again, we had to squish 4 people in the truck...). And that is the end of Thanksgiving.

This week, Lydia and Anna get to stay with us for a while. And Saturday we are going to the Sleighbell parade in Manistee, and afterwards, we are going to the Truitt's house and play some games.
Well this concludes my post for today. I hope you enjoyed this post, and had a Wonderful thanksgiving. :)
Next is a Wedding, some Birthdays... AND... Christmas. :D


Rhonda said...

Sounds like a fun filled week. We sure missed Heather here for Thanksgiving! :(

Rachel said...

Well, I see one untruth in your post. :P On the way DOWN to Mike and Becky's you didn't have 4 people in the truck because Marty and I had Matt. :)

Amber said...

Oh yeah!! :) I had forgotten about that.