New New New News... :)

Hey again. This has been an interesting few weeks.... :) Some of you already know that i am still in Indiana, and will be staying down here for a little bit. Dad has to come back down here to replace an entire cast iron pipe in order to stop the leaking from all the way down from the upstairs bathroom, to the basement. I don't know when i will be back... Maybe Thursday. It depends on how long it takes Dad to get the pipe replaced, and maybe a few other things done as well. 

So far it has been good down here. Monday we got here at about 1:30ish, went to the Anderson County Library, and then ate some lunch at a little place called Rax. The Library was amazing!! It is 3 stories high, and about 4 times the size of the Traverse City Library. It is HUGE!! I didn't have time to go through it all though... :( We did go to the Children's section though. And even that is almost bigger than the Bear Lake Library in its self. The food was delicious!! I had a Baked Potato with Cheddar Cheese sauce, and Bacon on top. That was so good!! We did some work on the house, and then went to the apartment, and just crashed. Tuesday we did more work on the house, and was going to go to the Conference at the Hoover's Church, but we had too much work to do. :( We then went back to the apartment, and crashed.  Wednesay we had more work, and then we went to Dale and Michelle's Church, then back to the apartment, and crashed. Thursday i found out that i was staying until Dad came back so i could help some more with the house.  Friday was a day off!! :) We had been invited to go to the Cosby's house for dinner. Two of Johnathan's friends from College was there, and one of them (Brenden) made dinner for us. He made Korean Hawian Chicken and Fried rice. It was AWESOME!! Also, we had Salad (which Amanda made i think) and also Amanda's Incredible Apple Pie!! Ohhhh that was GOOD!! Rhonda was home for that, so i got to see her. :) She took Heather to the store to get some Ice Cream to go with the Pie. That was also good. And there is today. Michelle and Heather and I are going to the house, while Dale goes to a friends Wedding. I have got to get going, but i thought i should take the time to type this out and let you all know how i was doing and where i was. Miss you all!! 


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